Iyemon is a famous brand of Japanese tea produced by Suntory, and the Iyemon Salon is possibly the best location to enjoy it, along with a tasty selection of perfectly suited food of course!

The tea here does not just come hot and wet like we know it here in the UK, it also comes in the form of cakes, main dishes and even beer! if you get a chance its well worth splashing out the the matcha green tea beer, just to say you have done it!

Green tea beer / 抹茶ビール

Iyemon Salon serve food throughout the day, making it a great location to swing by for a healthy breakfast of grilled fish, fluffy white rice and miso soup. On this particular trip I stopped by with a friend for dinner. Although the starter of Vietnamese style wraps and dressing where nothing to write home about, the main course was something else! I chose to try Japanese Chazuke, although pouring tea over a bowl of rice and a gorgeously  fatty cut of belly salmon sounds like a waste of fish, it most defiantly isn’t!

How to find Iyemon Salon:

80 Ogura-cho
Karasuma Nishiiru
Chiso Blg 1F

Web: http://iyemonsalon.jp/
Phone: +81 75-222-15