Just around the corner from where I used to live in Nakano Sakaue there is a small trendy coffe shop nestled in with a bunch of very odd shops and a biker style tattoo parlour called Mugs.

The coffe shop was started by 3 designers and displays some of their own work, along with other local designers and artists. There are piles of cool Japanese design magazines and free WI-FI to use to your heart’s content. Mugs is a relaxing space that is rarely overcrowded but always has a cool crowed kicking about.

The service is very chilled and can take a while sometimes, however this is something I really love as you never feel like you have to leave right after finishing your food. Mugs offers a selection of Asian style food, mostly Thai and Vietnamese. The prices are average for this time of place, about 400 yen for a coffe and around 1000 yen for a main course, full menu can be viewed here (Japanese only).




How to find Mugs:

Chuo 5-48-5
Tel: 0753613069
Open: 12am – 11pm closed Mondays